Miss Arkansas' Outstanding Teen -  Laura Leigh Turner

First Runner Up - Elle Johnson

Second Runner Up - Raygan Sylvester

Third Runner Up - Bailey Moses

Fourth Runner Up - Rachel Harless



Laura Leigh Turner


Kristin Glover, Bailey Moses, Elle Johnson, Laura Leigh Turner, Raygan Sylvester, Rachel Harless, Ashton Campbell



Succession of the Crown.....Laura Leigh Turner crowned by Ashton Campbell ... crowned by Mackenzie Bryant...

crowned by Savvy Shields ... crowned by Sloane Roberts

Top 10

1. Haven Cagle

2. Katie Gardner

3. Natalie Eaton

4. Rachel Harless

5. Gracie Stover

6. Bailey Moses

7. Laura Leigh Turner

8. Shree Govindarajan

9. Elle Johnson

10. Raygan Sylvester


Photo: You've Got The Look Photography

Top 15

1. Raygan Sylvester

2. Suzanna Gibbs

3. Bailey Moses

4. Katie Gardner

5. Laura Leigh Turner

6. Natalie Counce

7. Elle Johnson

8. Ashley Hopson

9. Shree Govindarajan

10. Jade Collins

11. Gracie Stover

12. Haven Cagle

13. Kelli Collins

14. Natalie Eaton

15. Rachel Harless





Ecotools Green and Gorgeous Award - Shree Govindarajan

MAOT Arrival Award (Alpha) - Christian Weatherly

Veteran Arrival Award - Bailey Craig

Miss Congeniality Award - Elle Johnson

Spirit of the Pageant Award - Jade Collins

You've Got the Look Photogenic Award - Laura Leigh Turner

You've Got the Look "Show Us Your Shoes" Award - Kate Johnson

Genesis Award - Elle Johnson

Genesis Award - Natalie Eaton

Genesis Award - Haven Cagle

Fabulous Face Award - Raygan Sylvester

Non-Finalist Interview Award - Kate Johnson, Anna Claire Butler

Non-Finalist Talent Award - Haley Bird

Most Talented Dancer Award - Laura Leigh Turner

Overall Vocal Performance - Natalie Eaton

Overall Evening Wear Award - Laura Leigh Turner

Sloane Roberts Overall Physical Fitness in Sportswear Award - Laura Leigh Turner

Overall Talent Award - Laura Leigh Turner

 Overall Private Interview Award - Laura Leigh Turner

CMN Miracle Maker Award - Raygan Sylvester

Scholastic Award - Shree Govindarajan


Active Wear

Bailey Moses


Evening Wear

Kelli Collins



Laura Leigh Turner


Newcomer Awards

Haley Bird (Active Wear)

Kyl'Lee Colvin (Evening Wear)

Elle Johnson (Talent)


Bailey Moses


Kelli Collins


Laura Leigh Turner


Alpha Preliminary Winners

Haley Bird, Elle Johnson, Kyl'Lee Colvin


Miss Arkansas Kristin Glover, Haley Bird, Elle Johnson, MAOT Ashton Jo Campbell

Miss Arkansas Kristin Glover, Laura Leigh Turner, Rachel Harless, MAOT Ashton Jo Campbell

Active Wear

Laura Leigh Turner


Evening Wear

Laura Leigh Turner



Rachel Harless


Newcomer Awards

Elle Johnson (Active Wear)

Elle Johnson (Evening Gown)

Haley Bird (Talent)


Laura Turner

Laura Leigh Turner


Rachel Harless

Rachel Harless


Kyl'Lee Colvin and Elle Johnson

Haley Bird and Elle Johnson


Official 2012 Arrival Photo: You've Got The Look Photography

Official 2012 Princess Photo: You've Got The Look Photography