Miss Arkansas' Outstanding Teen -  Ashton Yarbrough

First Runner Up - Katie Gardner

Second Runner Up -  Aubrey Reed

Third Runner Up - Christian Weatherley

Fourth Runner Up - Gracie Stover





Top 10

1. Lacey Moore

2. Katie Gardner

3.  Ellie Stafford

4. Christian Weatherley

5. Ashton Yarbrough

6. Aubrey Reed

7. Patricia Lambe

8. Mercedes Bell

9. Gracie Stover

10. Savannah Staggs



Top 16

1. Emily Brewer

2. Savannah Selman

3. Mercedes Bell

4. Christian Weatherley

5. Katie Gardner

6. Grace McClanahan

7. Aubrey Reed

8. Carleigh Joy Tackett

9. Ashton Yarbrough

10. Cori Keller

11. Katey Santifer

12. Patricia Lambe

13. Ellie Stafford

14. Lacey Moore

15. Savannah Staggs

16. Gracie Stover





ECO Tools Instagram - Kelli Collins

Arrival Award - Carlley Riggan

Miss Congeniality Award - Carleigh Joy Tackett

Spirit of Arkansas Award - Jessica Miller

You've Got the Look Photogenic Award - Jessica Miller

You've Got the Look "Show Us Your Shoes" Award - Aubrey Reed

Genesis Award - Ellie Stafford

Genesis Award - Mercedes Bell

Genesis Award - Patricia Lambe

Fabulous Face Award - Alexis Landers

Non-Finalist Interview Award - Darynne Dahlem

Non-Finalist Talent Award - Jessica Miller

Most Talented Dancer Award - Gracie Stover

Overall Vocal Performance - Ashton Yarbrough

Overall Evening Wear Award - Ashton Yarbrough

Overall Physical Fitness Award - Katey Santifer

Overall Talent Award - Gracie Stover

 Overall Private Interview Award - Ashton Yarbrough

CMN Miracle Maker Award - Carlley Riggan

Scholastic Achievement Award - Grace McClannahan

Facebook Photogenic Award -

License To Shoot Photo Contest - Katey Santifer


Lifestyle & Fitness in Active Wear - Bethany Miller

Artistic Expression in Talent - Gracie Stover

Presence and Poise in Evening Wear / On Stage Question - Ashton Yarbrough




Newcomer Awards

Lifestyle & Fitness in Active Wear - Emily Brewer

Artistic Expression in Talent - Ellie Stafford

Presence and Poise in Evening Wear / On Stage Question - Darynne Dahlem







Lifestyle & Fitness in Active Wear - Katey Santifer

Artistic Expression in Talent - Katie Gardner

Presence and Poise in Evening Wear / On Stage Question - Christian Weatherley



Newcomer Awards

 (Lifestyle & Fitness in Active Wear) Katey Santifer

 (Presence and Poise in Evening Wear / On Stage Question) Katey Santifer

 (Artistic Expression in Talent ) Emily Brewer






Official 2014 Arrival Photo: You've Got The Look Photography

Official 2014 Princess Photo: You've Got The Look Photography



Group Alpha:
Interview - Wednesday
Talent - Thursday
Evening Wear/Active Wear - Friday

Group Beta:
Interview - Wednesday
Evening Wear/Fitness - Thursday
Talent - Friday


B19 Miss  Arkansas Delta OT
Mercedes Bell
Age: 15

Hometown: Blytheville
Parents: William and Judith Bell
Talent: Classical Piano
Platform: Exercise Is Medicine

B30 Miss  Arkansas River OT
Savannah Selman
Age: 15

Hometown: Van Buren
Parents: Steve and Stephanie Selman
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Sow A Seed

B21 Miss  Arkansas Valley OT
Christian Weatherley
Age: 16
Hometown: Cabot
Parents: Ronnie & Dalene Weatherley
Talent: Clogging
Platform: Special Mentors 4 Special Students


B22 Miss  Central Arkansas OT
Patricia Lambe
Age: 15

Hometown: Conway
Parents: John and Molly Lambe
Talent: Lyrical
Platform: First Aid Able - Be Ready To Save A Life

A15 Miss  Conway OT
Madeline Brindley
Age: 17

Hometown: Conway
Parents: Melanie Brindley & the late Kenyon D. Brindley
Talent: Tap
Platform: Safe Splash: Water Safety & Drowning Prevention

A8 Miss  Diamond Lakes OT
Aubrey Reed

Hometown: Russellville
Parents: Michael and Paula Swindle
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: Bullying Prevention and Intervention

A14 Miss  Dogwood OT
Ashton Yarbrough
Age: 17

Hometown: Bentonville
Parents: Brian and Kimberly Yarbrough
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Volunteering To Make A Difference

B23 Miss  Frisco Springs OT
Kavanaugh Millirons
Age: 15

Hometown: Conway
Parents: Ross and Tina Millirons
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Water Safety: Simple Steps Saves Lives

A27 Miss  Grand Prairie OT
Hannah Oliver
Age: 16

Hometown: Stuttgart
Parents: Lane and Erin Oliver
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: Multiple Sclerosis: Taking Steps Toward A Cure

A12 Miss  Greater Camden OT
Makenna Greer
Age: 14

Hometown: El Dorado
Parents: Matthew and Blanche Greer
Talent: Vocal
Platform: The American Cancer Society:
Find An End To The Struggle


A13 Miss  Greater Hot Springs OT
Jessica Miller
Age: 15

Hometown: Benton
Parents: Scott and Dodi Miller
Talent: Tap
Platform: SAVE: Suicide Awareness And Prevention

A16 Miss  Greater Jacksonville OT
Alexis Landers
Age: 16

Hometown: Benton, AR
Parents: Brianna Mathews & Josh Landers
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: Mentoring Offers Endless Possibilities

A10 Miss  Greater Jonesboro OT
Carlley Riggan

Age: 17
Hometown: Paragould
Parents: Kody and Carla Riggan
Talent: Piano
Platform: Friends Don't Let Friends Text And Drive

B33 Miss  Greater Little Rock OT
Savannah Stagg
Age: 17

Hometown: North Little Rock
Parents: Paul and Lisa Stagg
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: The Beat Goes On

A6 Miss  Heart of the Ozarks OT
Katie Gardner
Age: 15

Hometown: Fayetteville
Parents: Tom and Jana Gardner
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: BOWS - Blessing Others With Service

A5 Miss  Lake Dardanelle OT
Paden Cook

Hometown: Lamar
Parents: Bobby and Jeanna Cook
Talent: Piano / Vocal
Platform: The Unity Of Community

A18 Miss  Lakes of the Northwest OT
Bethany Miller

Age: 17
Hometown: Fayetteville
Parents: Richey and Michele Miller
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: Dance For Your Heart

B29 Miss  Lights of the Delta OT
Ellie Stafford
Age: 15

Hometown: Jonesboro
Parents: Trey and Jenna Stafford
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Platform: Make A Wish

B20 Miss  Madison County OT
Bryanna Watkins
Age: 16

Hometown: Hindsville
Parents: Roger and Carmen Watkins
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Drug Abuse

A1 Miss  Magnolia OT
Kennedy Hope Kuykendall
Age: 16

Hometown: Magnolia
Parents: Tara Wingfield and Kyle Kuykendall
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Platform: Social Networking 101: It's All About The ABC's

B35 Miss  Metro OT
Gracie Stover
Age: 16

Hometown: Little Rock
Parents: Mike and Laura Stover
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: Survive: Don't Text And Drive

A2 Miss  North Central OT
Reagan Wheelis
Age: 16

Hometown: Melbourne
Parents: Brad and Tina Wheelis
Talent: Piano Solo
Platform: Breast Cancer Awareness: Early Detection Is Key

A9 Miss Northeast OT
Lacey Moore
Age: 16

Hometown: Pocahontas
Parents: Lil Moore and the late Bob Moore
Talent: Clogging Dance
Platform: Read To Succeed

B26 Miss  Northwest OT
Lauren Woolsey
Age: 15

Hometown: Ozark
Parents: Robert and Elizabeth Woolsey
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Take A Stand, Don't Tan!

A11 Miss  Ouachita River OT
Ashley Hopson
Age: 17

Hometown: Roe
Parents: Mark and Kathy Hopson
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: Pay It Forward

A4 Miss  Petit Jean Valley OT
Kelli Collins
Age: 16

Hometown: Dardanelle
Parents: Jackie and Debera Collins
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Jeans For Teens

A17 Miss  Pulaski OT
Emily Brewer
Age: 15

Hometown: North Little Rock
Parents: John and Tara Brewer
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: Stop Diabetes

B28 Miss  River Delta OT
Robin Galloway
Age: 16

Hometown: Stuttgart
Parents: Neal and Donna Galloway
Talent: Contemporary Ballet En Pointe
Platform: Make A Muscle, Make A Difference,
Be Strong For Two


B25 Miss  South Central Arkansas OT
Grace McClanahan
Age: 17

Hometown: Hot Springs
Parents: Mac and Paulette McClanahan
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Music Matters


B31 Miss  Southeast Arkansas OT
Bailey Martin

Age: 17
Hometown: Crossett
Parents: Brad Martin and Jennifer Hines
Talent: Contemporary Dance "Titanium"
Platform: Teenage Depression

A7 Miss  Spirit of Arkansas OT
Darynne Dahlem
Age: 17

Hometown: Greenwood
Parents: Ron and Traci Lewellen
Talent: Piano / Vocal
Platform: Too Smart To Start

A3 Miss  Sweetheart of Arkansas OT
Carleigh Joy Tackett
Age: 15

Hometown: Danville
Parents: Butch and Toni Tackett
Talent: Tap
Platform: Digital Citizenship: It's Our Responsibilty

B32 Miss  Texarkana OT
Katey Santifer
Age: 17

Hometown: Texarkana
Parents: Todd and Janet Harness
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Making Magic

B24 Miss  Western Arkansas OT
Caroline Long
Age: 14
Hometown: Fayetteville
Parents: Kara and John Long
Talent: Acro Jazz "Mamma Knows Best"
Platform: Helping Special Athletes With My
Time, Talents & Treasures


B34 Miss  White River OT
Cori Keller

Hometown: Stuttgart
Parents: Lynn and Tracy Keller
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: Every Day Kids, Every Day Food