Miss Arkansas' Outstanding Teen -  Gracie Stover

First Runner Up - Katie Gardner

Second Runner Up -  Ellie Stafford

Third Runner Up - Aubrey Reed

Fourth Runner Up - Emily Brewer





Top 10

1. Cori Keller

2. Kyla Soden

3. Aubrey Reed

4.  Emily Brewer

5. Anna Claire Butler

6. Taryn Bewley

7. Gracie Stover

8. Jessica Miller

9. Ellie Stafford

10. Katie Gardner


Top 15

1. Lacey Moore

2. Christian Weatherley

3. Cori Keller

4. Kyla Soden

5. Aubrey Reed

6. Lauren Woolsey

7. Emily Brewer

8. Paden Cook

9. Anna Claire Butler

10. Taryn Bewley

11. Gracie Stover

12. Raegan Snell

13. Jessica Miller

14. Ellie Stafford

15. Katie Gardner



ECO Tools Award - Raegan Snell

Arrival Award - Anna Claire Butler

Miss Congeniality Award - Christian Weatherley

Spirit of Arkansas Award - Christian Weatherley

 Photogenic Award - Brooke Bearden

 "Show Us Your Shoes" Award - Maraye Tudor

Genesis Award - Raegan Snell

Genesis Award - Taryn Bewlwy

Genesis Award - Kyla Soden

Fabulous Face Award - Kenzie Williams

Non-Finalist Interview Award - Catherine Coleman

Non-Finalist Talent Award - Marybeth Byrd

Most Talented Dancer Award - Gracie Stover

Overall Vocal Performance - Marybeth Byrd

Overall Evening Gown Award - Gracie Stover

Overall Physical Fitness Award - Katie Gardner

Overall Talent Award - Gracie Stover

 Overall Private Interview Award - Kyla Soden

CMN Miracle Maker Award - Gracie Stover

Scholastic Achievement Award - Tori Grace Wilson

Teens in Action - Maraye Tudor

License To Shoot Photo Contest - Anna Claire Butler




Lifestyle & Fitness in Active Wear - Katie Gardner

Artistic Expression in Talent - Gracie Stover

Presence and Poise in Evening Wear / On Stage Question - Katie Gardner




Newcomer Awards

Lifestyle & Fitness in Active Wear - Taryn Bewley

Artistic Expression in Talent - Raegan Snell

Presence and Poise in Evening Wear / On Stage Question - Taryn Bewley






Lifestyle & Fitness in Active Wear -  Kyla Soden

Artistic Expression in Talent - Katie Gardner

Presence and Poise in Evening Wear / On Stage Question - Gracie Stover




Newcomer Awards

 (Lifestyle & Fitness in Active Wear) Kyla Soden

 (Presence and Poise in Evening Wear / On Stage Question) Kyla Soden

 (Artistic Expression in Talent ) Marybeth Byrd




Arrival - 2015


Miss Arkansas' Outstanding Teen

Alpha Group

Private Interview
Artistic Expression in Talent
Physical Fitness in Active Wear
and Presence & Poise in Evening Wear

Beta Group

Private Interview
Physical Fitness in Active Wear
and Presence & Poise in Evening Wear

Artistic Expression in Talent


Miss Arkansas Delta Outstanding Teen
Lacey Moore

Age: 17
Talent: Clogging Dance
Platform: Read to Succeed!
Hometown: Pocahontas

Parents: Lil Moore & the late Bob Moore

Miss Arkansas River Outstanding Teen
Paden Cook
Age: 16
Talent: Piano / Vocal
Platform: The Unity of Community
Hometown: Lamar
Parents: Bobby & Jeanna Cook

Miss Arkansas Valley Outstanding Teen
Mady Rottinghaus
Age: 15
Talent: Piano
Platform: H.O.P.E. : Helping Others Practice English
Hometown: Hot Springs
Parents: Michael & Amber Rottinghaus


Miss Batesville
Outstanding Teen

Olivia Tuggle
Age: 16
Talent: Tap
Platform: A Wink of Ink:
Words to Reach the World
Hometown: Poughkeepsie
Parents: Richard & Tina Tuggle

Miss Central Arkansas Outstanding Teen
Cori Keller

Age: 17
Talent: Tap
Platform: Everyday Kids Everyday Foods

Hometown: Stuttgart
Parents: Lynn & Tracy Keller

Miss Conway Outstanding Teen
Brooke Bradford

Age: 13
Talent: Clogging
Platform: ATV Safety

Hometown: Shirley
Parents: Wayne & Lacy Bradford

Miss Diamond Lakes
Outstanding Teen

Anna Claire Butler
Age: 17
Talent: Electric Cello
Platform: Buckle Up! Promoting Seat Belt Safety
Hometown: Hot Springs
Parents: Robert & Suzanne Butler

Miss Dogwood
Outstanding Teen

Katie Gardner
Age: 16
Talent: Tap
Platform: B.O.W.S. Blessing Others With Service
Hometown: Fayetteville
Parents: Tom & Jana Gardner

Miss Frisco Springs
Outstanding Teen

Tori Grace Wilson
Age: 17
Talent: Ballet en Pointe
Platform: If it Were Me: FACEing Adversity
Hometown: Texarkana
Parents: Bob & Michelle Wilson

Miss Grand Prairie
Outstanding Teen

Maraye Tudor
Age: 16
Talent: Tap
Platform: Pillow With A Purpose
Hometown: Stuttgart
Parents: Terri Tudor

Miss Greater Hot Springs Outstanding Teen

Kenzie Williams
Age: 16
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: I Am That Girl
Hometown: Benton
Parents: Jacqueline Williams & Gary Maroun

Miss Greater Jacksonville Outstanding Teen

Bethany Kasper
Age: 16
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: Our Kids Read
Hometown: Jacksonville
Parents: Melissa & Travis Kasper

Miss Greater Jonesboro Outstanding Teen

Raegan Snell
Age: 17
Talent: Vocal
I Have Tourettes, It Doesn't Have Me:
Overcoming Adversity

Hometown: Jonesboro
Parents: Bob & Edith Snell

Miss Greater Little Rock Outstanding Teen

Christian Weatherley
Age: 17
Talent: Contemporary Clogging
Platform: Special Mentors 4 Special Students
Hometown: Cabot
Parents: Ronnie & Darlene Weatherley


Miss Heart of the Ozarks
Outstanding Teen

Emily Edwards
Age: 16
Talent: Jazz Acro
Platform: One Child at a Time: Embrace
Hometown: Bentonville
Parents: Cathy & Curtis Edwards

Miss Lake Dardanelle
Outstanding Teen

Catherine Coleman
Age: 17
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: Organized Sports: Benefits for Life
Hometown: Conway
Parents: Jeanna Coleman

Miss Lakes of the Northwest Outstanding Teen

Shaylee Williams
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: The Journey to Volunteering
Hometown: Ozark
Parents: Phillip & Jennifer Williams

Miss Lights of the Delta Outstanding Teen

Jessica Miller
Age: 16
Talent: Tap
Platform: SAVE: Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Hometown: Bryant
Parents: Scott & Dodi Miller

Miss Madison County Outstanding Teen

Emery Faulkner
Age: 15
Talent: Jazz / Hip Hop
Platform: Hurt People Hurt People
Hometown: Huntsville
Parents: Mary Faulkner & Gary Faulkner Jr


Miss Magnolia Outstanding Teen

Brooke Bearden
Age: 17
Talent: Vocal
"Oh, No They Didn't"
Bullying Education, Prevention, and Recovery

Hometown: Camden
Parents: Scott & Lisa Bearden

Miss Metro Outstanding Teen
Emily Brewer
Age: 16
Talent: Tap
Platform: Hope for Tomorrow, Winning Against Diabetes
Hometown: North Little Rock
Parents: John & Tara Brewer

Miss North Central Arkansas Outstanding Teen
Madison Oswalt
Age: 16
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Volunteer With a Purpose
Hometown: Harrison
Parents: Ryan & Laurie Oswalt

Miss North Little Rock Outstanding Teen
Hayley Anna Scott
Age: 17
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Do Your Part: Support the Arts
Hometown: North Little Rock
Parents: Holly & Ed Scott

Miss Northeast Arkansas Outstanding Teen
Hannah Oliver
Age: 17
Talent: Tap
Platform: Multiple Sclerosis:
Taking Steps Toward a Cure
Hometown: Stuttgart
Parents: Lane & Erin Oliver

Miss Northwest Arkansas Outstanding Teen
Kendall Yarbrough
Age: 15
Talent: Acro - Dance
Platform: Volunteering and Making a Difference
Hometown: Bentonville
Parents: Kimberly Yarbrough & Brian Yarbrough

Miss Ouachita River Outstanding Teen
Gracie Stover
Age: 17
Talent: Tap
Platform: Survive: Don't Text & Drive
Hometown: Little Rock
Parents: Mike & Laura Stover

Miss Petit Jean Valley Outstanding Teen
Aubrey Elizabeth Reed
Age: 15
Talent: Character Jazz Dance
Platform: STAR: Empowering America's Youth
Hometown: Russellville
Parents: Michael & Paula Swindle

Miss River Delta Outstanding Teen
Ellie Stafford
Age: 16
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Platform: Make A Wish
Hometown: Jonesboro
Parents: Trey & Jenna Stafford

Miss South Central Arkansas Outstanding Teen
Reagan Hammonds
Age: 17
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: Building Homes, Building Futures
Hometown: Benton
Parents: Tim & Charlotte Hammonds

Miss Southeast Arkansas Outstanding Teen
MaKenna Greer
Age: 15
Talent: Vocal
Platform: American Cancer Society:
Find an End to The Struggle
Hometown: El Dorado
Parents: Matthew & Blanche Greer

Miss Southwest Arkansas Outstanding Teen
Kennedy Hope Kuykendall
Age: 17
Talent: Jazz Dance
#Team HOPE: Helping Others through Physical Education
Hometown: Magnolia
Parents: Tara Hutchinson & Kyle Kuykendall

Miss Spirit of Arkansas Outstanding Teen
Taryn Bewley
Age: 16
Talent: Tap
Platform: Reading Matters
Hometown: Conway
Parents: Terry & Allyson Bewley

Miss Sweetheart of Arkansas Outstanding Teen
Marybeth Byrd
Age: 14
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Stranger Danger: Be Smart, Cool, and Safe!
Hometown: Blytheville
Parents: Kevin & Laurie Byrd

Miss Texarkana Twin Rivers Outstanding Teen
Scarlett Leeper
Age: 16
Talent: Vocal / Guitar
Respecting Our Elders with an Emphasis on Musical Therapy
Hometown: Texarkana
Parents: Jason & Gina Leeper

Miss Western Arkansas Outstanding Teen
Lauren Woolsey
Age: 16
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Take a Stand, Don't Tan!
Hometown: Ozark
Parents: Robert & Elizabeth Woolsey

Miss White River Outstanding Teen
Kyla Soden
Age: 17
Talent: Tap
Platform: Mentoring to Make a Difference
Hometown: Cabot
Parents: Mike & Donya Soden