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Thursday - Talent
Friday -  Evening Wear / Active Wear

Thursday - Interview
Thursday - Evening Wear / Active Wear

Friday - Talent


Hannah Oliver

A9 Miss  Apple Blossom OT
Name: Hannah Oliver

Age: 15
Hometown: Stuttgart
Parents: Lane and Erin Oliver
Talent: Tap Dance: Dancing Machine
Platform: Multiple Sclerosis: Taking Steps Toward a Cure
Local Director: Jill Bodiford
Kelley Renee Brown

B26 Miss  Arkansas River OT
Name: Kelley Renee Brown

Age: 17
Hometown: Greenwood
Parents: Bryan and Debbie Brown
Talent: Jazz Dance - Sparkling Diamonds
Platform: STOPcyberbulling: Think Before You Click
Local Director: Steven and Marla Keady

Cori Keller

B32 Miss  Arkansas Valley OT
Name: Cori Keller

Hometown: Stuttgart
Parents: Lynn and Tracy Keller
Talent: Tap Dance - "I've Got the Music in Me"
Platform: Everyday Kids Everyday Food
Local Director: Ken and Jan Mederios
Reagan Wheelis

B18 Miss  Batesville OT
Name: Reagan Wheelis

Age: 16
Hometown: Melbourne
Parents: Brad and Tina Wheelis
Talent: Piano Solo - "Maple Leaf Rag"
Platform: Breast Cancer Awareness
Local Director: Mark Sparks

Brighton Barnard

B31 Miss  Central Arkansas OT
Name: Brighton Barnard

Age: 14
Hometown: Little Rock
Parents: Garrett and Ashley Childers
Talent: Contemporary Dance- "Firework"
Platform: Shine Bright

Local Director: Mandy Ketchersid
Kavanaugh Millirons

A12 Miss  Conway OT
Name: Kavanaugh Millirons

Age: 14
Hometown: Conway
Parents: Tina & Ross Millirons, Jr.
Talent: Musical Theater Vocal --  "So Long Dearie"
Platform: Pool Safety:  Simple Steps Save Lives
Local Director: Susan Cavin

Natalie Eaton

A16 Miss  Cotton Belle OT
Name: Natalie Jo Eaton

Age: 17
Hometown: Harrisburg
Parents: Glen and Fonda Eaton
Talent: Vocal: "On My Own"
Platform: March of Dimes - Giving For The Life Of A Child
Local Director: Tim Stone

Savannah Staggs

B33 Miss  Diamond Lakes OT
Name: Savannah Stagg

Age: 16
Hometown: North Little Rock
Parents: Paul & Lisa Stagg
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: The Beat Goes On:
Promoting Healthy Hearts & Lifestyles

Local Director: Leslie Crutchfield

Jacey Winn

B34 Miss  Frisco Springs OT
Name: Jacey Winn

Age: 17
Hometown: Wynne
Parents: Chad and Kristin Winn
Talent: Vocal
Platform: C.A.R.E. (Celiac Awareness Rewards Everyone)
Local Director: Ed and Kathy McClure
Emily Ann Hall

A7 Miss  Greater Camden OT
Name: Emily Ann Hall

Age: 16
Hometown: El Dorado
Parents: Buddy and Sonya Hall
Talent: Vocal:  I Know What Love Is
Platform: Be A PAL; Protect A Life from food allergies
Local Director: Debbie Fleming

Ashley Wilson

A3 Miss  Greater Hot Springs OT
Name: Ashley Wilson

Age: 16
Hometown: Bauxite
Parents: Wesley and Carla Wilson
Talent: Lyrical Dance: "A Thousand Years"
Platform: Stand Tall Against Bullies
Local Director: Missy Gibson

Christian Weatherley

A1 Miss  Greater Jacksonville OT
Name: Christian Weatherley

Age: 15
Hometown: Cabot
Parents: Ronnie & Darlene Weatherley
Talent: Tap "Ice Ice Baby"
Platform: "I Can Dance"
Helping  Children with Disabilities Believe in Themselves

Local Director: Sharon Boyd

Gracie Stover

B35 Miss  Greater Little Rock OT
Name: Gracie Stover

Hometown: Little Rock
Parents: Mike and Laura Stover
Talent: Vocal & Dance- "Proud Mary"
Platform: Survive: Don't Text and Drive
Local Director: Rusty Hart
Madison Oswalt

B23 Miss  Heart of the Ozarks OT
Name: Madison Oswalt

Hometown: Harrison
Parents: Ryan & Laurie Oswalt
Talent: Jazz Dance – “Life of the Party”
Platform: Paying it Forward:  Helping Those in Need
Local Director: Robyn Ledbetter

Carleigh Tackett

B24 Miss  Lake Dardanelle OT
Name: Carleigh Joy Tackett

Age: 14
Hometown: Russellville
Parents: Butch and Toni Tackett
Talent: Tap Dance: "Tightrope"
Platform: Digital Citizenship- It's Our Responsibility
Local Directors: Amanda Freeman & Sarah Burgener
Jordan Canter

A17 Miss  Lakes of the Northwest OT
Name: Jordan Canter

Age: 17
Hometown: Rogers
Parents: William Canter and Kelly Hay
Talent: Vocal: "You'll Never Walk Alone"
Platform: Live Healthy For Life
Local Director: Kathy McClure

Katie Gardner

A15 Miss  Lights of the Delta OT
Name: Katie Gardner

Age: 14
Hometown: Fayetteville
Parents: Thomas & Jana Gardner
Talent: Tap Dance – “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”
Platform: B.O.W.S. – Blessing Others With Service
Local Directors:
Eva Lee Graves, Nancy Goodman,
& Laurie Byrd
Kassie Whiteley

A10 Miss  Madison County OT
Name: Kassie Whiteley

Age: 17
Hometown: Huntsville
Parents: Bill and Joann Whiteley
Talent: Vocal: "Lean on Me"
Platform: Adoption Is An Option
Local Director: JoAnn Tice


Erica Storm Barnett

B20 Miss  Magnolia OT
Name: Erica Storm Barnett

Hometown: Magnolia
Parents: Matt & Corey Barnett
Talent: Vocal- "Defying Gravity"
Platform: Involved and Inspired
Local Director: Anna Smith
Blair Wortsmith

B28 Miss  Metro OT
Name: Blair Wortsmith

Age: 16
Hometown: Little Rock
Parents: Keith and Karyn Wortsmith
Talent: Lyrical Dance- “I Was Here”
Platform: Be Proactive, Get Active!
Local Director: Rusty and Lori Hart

Rebecca Lee Zurcher

A2 Miss  North Central OT
Name: Rebecca Lee Zurcher

Hometown: Yellville
Parents: Jonathan and Eva Zurcher
Talent: Vocal: "Life of the Party"
Platform: Make a Difference, be a Mentor.
Local Director: JoAnn Tice
Ashley Hopson

B29 Miss  Northeast OT
Name: Ashley Hopson

Hometown: Roe
Parents: Mark & Kathy Hopson
Talent: Tap Dance - "Let it Whip"
Platform: R.E.A.D. - Reading Early Aids Development
Local Director: Laurie Bryd, Eva Lee Graves & Nancy Goodman

Harper Lee Hudson

B22 Miss  Northwest OT
Name: Harper Lee Hudson

Hometown: Fayetteville
Parents: Marianne Hudson and Rusty Hudson
Talent: Jazz Dance "Halo / Walking on Sunshine"
Platform: Paws for a Cause: 
Building the Bond between People and Pets

Local Director: Chris and Toni Bahn
Grace McClanahan

B30 Miss Ouachita River OT
Name: Grace McClanahan

Age: 16
Hometown: Hot Springs
Parents: Mac & Paulette McClanahan
Talent: Vocal Solo - "Gimme Gimme"
Platform: Music Matters
Local Director: Elaine Lowery


Amanda Glover

B19 Miss  Petit Jean Valley OT
Name: Amanda Glover

Age: 17
Hometown: Greenbrier
Parents: Kelly and Nona Glover
Talent: Vocal, “Holding Out for a Hero”
Platform: Promoting Healthy Babies:
Supporting the March of Dimes

Local Director: Brenda Casey
Suzanna Gibbs

A5 Miss  Pulaski OT
Name: Suzanna Gibbs

Age: 17
Hometown: Little Rock
Parents: Kenny and Ann Marie Gibbs
Talent: Classical Vocal- “Adele’s Laughing Song”
Platform: Infusing the ARTS
Local Director: Rusty and Lori Hart


Lacey Moore

A11 Miss  River Delta OT
Name: Lacey Moore

Age: 15
Hometown: Pocahontas
Parents: Lil Moore & the late Bob Moore
Talent: Clogging Dance -- "Great Balls of Fire"
Platform: Read To Succeed!
Local Director: Eva Lee Graves
Kelli Collins

A6 Miss South Arkansas OT
Name: Kelli Collins

Hometown: Dardanelle
Parents: Jackie and Debera Collins
Talent: Vocal - "Popular"
Platform: "Jeans For Teens"
Local Director: Elaine Lowery

Houston McCullough

B25 Miss  South Central Arkansas OT
Houston McCullough
Age: 17
Hometown: Camden
Parents: Rebecca Roark & Brian McCullough
Talent: Lyrical Dance to "Titanium" by Madeline Bailey
Platform: SightSeers
Local Director: Sharon Wilson
Robin Galloway

B21 Miss  Southeast Arkansas OT
Name: Robin Galloway

Age: 15
Hometown: Stuttgart
Parents: Neal and Donna Galloway
Talent: Contemporary Ballet En Pointe' dance to "Fame"
Platform: M.A.D. About Service: Making A Difference
Local Director: Lindsay Henry 

Raygan Sylvester

A13 Miss  Spirit of Arkansas OT
Name: Raygan Sylvester

Age: 17
Hometown: North Little Rock
Parents: Mike and Rhonda Sylvester
Talent: Jazz Dance - Le Jazz Hot
Platform: Think S.A.F.E.: Seatbelts Are For Everyone
Local Director: Brenda Casey
Alexis Landers

A14 Miss  Sweetheart of Arkansas OT
Name: Alexis Landers

Age: 15
Hometown: Bryant
Parents: Josh Landers and Brianna Mathews
Talent: Fiddle Solo- “The Orange Blossom Special”
Platform: Endless Possibilities
Local Director: Rusty and Lori Hart

Ashley Christine Marx

B27 Miss  Texarkana OT
Name: Ashley Christine Marx

Age: 17
Hometown: Texarkana
Parents: Stephen Marx and Jennifer Frazier
Talent: Voice - Good Morning Baltimore
Platform: Loaded: Firearm Safety
Local Director: Natalie Starkey and Donna Berry
Bethany Miller

A8 Miss  Western Arkansas OT
Name: Bethany Miller

Age: 16
Hometown: Fayetteville
Parents: Michele and Richey Miller
Talent: Jazz Dance - "Every Time We Touch"
Platform: Dance For Your Heart
Local Director: Laina Jennings

Rachel Harless

A4 Miss  White River OT
Name: Rachel Harless

Age: 17
Hometown: Little Rock
Parents: Richard & Gina Harless
Talent: Tap Dance - "Who's Bad?"
Platform: Hunger No More:  Food For All
Local Director: Mark Sparks
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